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Zoom FastLane™ QoS Overview

QoS stands for “Quality of Service”. QoS ensures that enough bandwidth is available for the critical applications you choose. Zoom's FastLane QoS is an important feature of the Zoom X6, which has a built-in ADSL modem, wireless-G router, and 4-port switch. Zoom’s proprietary technology makes it easy to assign a FastLane to any of the  X6’s four ports or to the wireless-G channel.

QoS is important when you need to make sure that time-sensitive devices on your network get the upstream (to-the-Internet) bandwidth they need to work properly.  Time-sensitive devices include VoIP phones and adapters, gaming devices, and video devices.  These devices can have real problems without QoS, especially if you’re using peer-to-peer multimedia applications like BitTorrent, eMule, and Limewire.

Zoom FastLane QoS lets you decide, for instance, that a VoIP phone will have highest priority and a certain guaranteed bandwidth, that a gaming device will have medium priority, and all other devices on your network will have the lowest priority.  On-line gamers win more often, phone calls over the Internet sound better, and Internet browsing is faster, even when a teenager’s mulitimedia library is in hot demand.

Zoom FastLane QoS is different because we’ve made it EASY for anyone to SET UP.  The user can assign each port a priority of High, Medium, or Standard. The user can even assign a certain amount of the total bandwidth to the High and Medium priority ports. If those devices are not in use or if they are not using all of the allocated bandwidth, the excess bandwidth remains available to other devices on the network.

PLEASE compare Zoom's FastLane QoS to competitors’ QoS.  Ours is aimed at anyone who can use a PC.  Theirs is aimed at networking experts.

Zoom FastLane QoS Setup

Zoom FastLane QoS Advanced Setup

COMPETITORS typically ask complicated and confusing questions like these:
Do you want to enable Differentiated Service Configuration?
What is the ATM Transmit Priority?
What is the IP Precedence?
What is the IP Type of Service?
Is 802.1p enabled on WAN?
What is the Source Subnet Mask?
What is the UDP/TCP Source Port?
What is the Destination IP Address?
What is the Destination Subnet Mask?
What is the UDP/TCP Destination Port?

Zoom FastLane QoS is SIMPLE, but it’s also POWERFUL.  For instance, Zoom supports Diffserv (RFC 2475), WMM over the wireless link, AND prioritization of the wireless channel.  You benefit from these, but you don’t have to think about them; because Zoom QoS automatically works with devices that support these standards.

Zoom FastLane QoS ships on the Zoom X6 today, and will be implemented in other Zoom products in the future.  So it’s easy to enjoy DSL in the FastLane with Zoom.


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