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ZOOM Products

Zoom Telephonics produces a broad line of products under its Zoom, Hayes, and Global Village brands.

3G Modems and Routers
Zoom manufactures routers with 802.11-N wireless and Ethernet to distribute, manage and secure both a mobile and a wired broadband connection. The mobile broadband connection is obtained by simply plugging in a USB modem into a USB interface on the routers. A wide range of modems and services are supported

Zoom also manufactures 3G mobile broadband modems. The modems are sold as either retail products or products configured for sale directly to service providers. Modems sold as retail products can be used on a wide range of networks and are not locked to a single service provider.

Zoom Model 4595  Zoom Model 4506

ADSL Modems and Gateways
Zoom manufactures a complete line of affordable ADSL modems and ADSL gateways with superior performance and advanced features. Products are offered in a wide range of interface options. Advanced features include integrated VoIP, routing and firewall features, and 802.11 wireless local area networking.

Cable Modems
Zoom offers Cable Modems that are compatible with all U.S. cable service providers and many other cable service providers worldwide. Zoom DOCSIS Cable Modems are CableLabs certified and are also certified by Comcast, Cox, and others. They provide a low-cost way to own a high-performance cable modem that eliminates monthly modem rental charges.

Zoom Model 5341

Dial-Up Modems
Zoom manufactures an extensive line of dial-up modems, with a product to support any operating system and nearly any application. Form factors include miniaturized USB modems, PCI, PCI Express, external serial, and external modems which integrate Bluetooth wireless. Modems with regulatory approvals throughout the world are also available.

Wi-Fi Wireless Products
Zoom's 802.11 wireless LAN product line includes 3G wireless-N routers, wireless-N access points, wireless-N adapters, and ADSL gateway/routers with built-in wireless LAN capability.

Zoom Model 4501

Bluetooth Products
Zoom's Bluetooth wireless product line includes a Bluetooth modem, Class 1 and Class 2 USB adapters in a thumbnail format, and iHiFi Bluetooth audio products. Zoom's Bluetooth adapters support the newest Bluetooth multi-media profiles including A2DP and are fully compatible with the Zoom iHiFi Audio products.

Zoom Model 4314

Wireless Keyboards
Zoom has an innovative line of wireless keyboards. This line includes a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch; and also includes wireless keyboards with extended range for the Xbox, PS3, and Windows computers. All Zoom wireless keyboards feature excellent tactile feedback and an enhanced feature set.

Voice over IP (VoIP)
Zoom offers a broad line of VoIP products. Zoom VoIP hardware includes Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA's) which plug into the Ethernet port of a router connected to broadband, and let you use normal phones for Internet Telephone calls. The product line also includes ADSL gateways with 802.11 wireless and integrated VoIP adapters, and ATAs which plug into the USB port of a PC and allow ordinary telephones to make calls using the Skype service.

Zoom builds a line of dialers to work in a variety of applications. The Model 24 and 26 dialers are specifically designed to work with prepaid phone cards. The Model 27 is designed to work in hot line applications where a single number is dialed upon activation of the dialer. Zoom incorporates its patented parallel technology into every dialer we build. Parallel technology allows a single dialer to work for all phones or extensions on a line.

OEM Products
Zoom Telephonics, Inc. offers award-winning personal computer communications products that deliver outstanding performance and value. Founded in 1977, Zoom has grown to be a leading supplier of communications devices throughout the world.

In 1999 Zoom acquired worldwide rights to the Hayes brand and most Hayes product designs. System Builders can buy Zoom modems and other products as bulk pack products. Products may be marketed as Zoom, Hayes or as an OEM brand.

International Products
Available throughout the world

RoHS Statements
Zoom manufactures products using environmentally sensitive processes as defined by the European Union's Restrictions on Use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. For more information, click here.

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